Hi, I'm Titaz!

Hello from Jakarta, Indonesia!

I'm Titaz. A lifestyle blogger. Also media addict, music junkie, fashion enthusiast, beauty amateur, concert goer and food lover.

Before I started this blog, I already had my personal blog on 2006 and 2007. My 2006 blog is already gone with the wind and my 2007 blog still there, but not too active and very personal. When Multiply rocks the world, I do have an acoount. But unfortunatelly, MP is shut down. Hiks. December 2009, I started this blog to share my passion and loves about music, fashion, event, food and lately beauty.

We always have moments to share, or words to speak. So this blog is my place to share all the moments and all the words, kinda documentation for my life. So when I older, my children and grand children can read what their grandma do to live the life hahahahaa *winkwinkwink

For me, blog is kinda a stress release and a huge place to meet new people. So for you who read my blog, Thank You! Please keep in touch as my friend on blog world.

My Self
I grew up in big family, which most of they are working in media. Beside that, I love to read magazine (and now browsing online magazine hahaha), so that's why I choose Journalistic as my major on college and starting work on media since junior high school as an intern, even I start to know magazine as a model. Thank's God, from there I can feel how's work in magazine, radio, production house, record label, management artist, agency / EO and also brand.

I have big passion in fashion. I love to personalize my style and really fall in love with bright colors and patterns. So maybe you will find me like a rainbow cake or candy crush with all the colors. But heeey, I like to wear black too. Well... I don't want to categorized my style, so if people asked me about what's your style, my style is personal with a touch of colors or patterns :D

Music and concert is kinda one package. And I love it so much! Food? Hm... I'm not a food expert, even I cannot cook hahaha, but eat a good and delicious food is one of my favorite things :)

Lately, I have a crush in beauty. It's a lil bit late but better late than never. So you will find about my review, experience, thoughts about beauty event or product. FYI, if I reviewed beauty or skincare products, the result will be different for each other. So I don't take any responsibilites if you read my review and interested to try but the result is different like me. Remember, each person are different :)

So that's a lil glimpse about me and the blog. Hope you enjoy my blog. If you have comment or words to share, please share it on comment box, I will give feedback as soon as I can.

Wanna ask me something or have business inquiries? Simply email me: contact.titaz[at]gmail.com

Tetap Semangat!