... saterdeiiiii ...

Pattern loose top, leather jacket, black denim, batik bag - unbranded
bangles & beads bracelets - The Little Things She Need
pinky shoes - Tina Wahono

Doing some treatment: french manicure and pedicure, also creambath. hmmm.
After that, see the expendables 2 with my mom and her office mate, sari. 
i already see this movie once, but i liked to watch again :)

i like the expendables 2. too bad jet li only show in the beginning, so do with liam hemsworth. but still like it. action, comedy and a lil bit drama. just add Steven Seagal so this movie will complete. well they already have stallone, bruce, arnold, and van damme :)

after movie, we enjoyed live music and eat some pizza. nyam nyam.

how's ur saturday?

Happy Saturday Nite :)



  1. shoes nya lucuuuu , hihih


  2. @Sartob makasii, sara. itu karya Tina Wahono. asli Indonesia :)


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